Yalta Attractions

Livadia Palace
Livadia (The White) Palace
is one of the most interesting places at south coast of the Crimea. The White Palace, designed by architect Nikolay Krasnov in Renaissance style, was constructed for imperial family in 1911. It was summer residence of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II and his family. In February 1945 it became a place where the Crimean Conference of the Government executives of the anti-Hitler coalition countries (Stalin from USSR, Roosevelt from USA and Churchill from Great Britain) took place, besides it was residence of US president Franklin D. Roosevelt for the period of Yalta conference.
Massandra Palace
Massandra Palace
the Palace of emperor Alexander III, built by design of French architect Bouchart on the slopes of the mountain ridge in the lonely place surrounded by the wood. The construction started in 1881 under the order of the governor's heir, grand duke S.M.Vorontsov, but only after seven years since his death uncompleted palace was bought by emperor Alexander III and was finished in 3 years. In Soviet period this architectural monument was the closed object as Tsar's Palace, became the state cottage, where Communist party and government leaders stopped to rest. Nowadays the palace is opened for your visit.
Vorontsov Palace
Vorontsov (Alupka) Palace
was constructed for Count Vorontsov in 1828-1848 by serf-masters according to the project of A.Blore. The Palace is built in pseudo-gothic style with the eastern style elements. Opened for visitors since 1921, the Palace-museum has the original interiors, collections of furniture, painting, china. bronzes, cut-glass ware. Around the Palace there's a wonderful Alupka Park, grounded in 1820 - one of the most known landscape parks in Ukraine. The park consists of the upper and the lower zones and has a large amount of landscape architecture..
Chekhov`s house
Chekhov's House (White Dacha)
The place where famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov after 10 years since his first visit bought a small lot and built by project of architect Shapovalov his cosy house. This is where plays: "The cherry garden", "Three sisters", the story "In the gully", and miscellaneous narratives, had been written by Chekhov. In 1921 Chekhov's house was pronounced as museum. Even nowadays you can walk in the garden among the trees planted personally by Chekhov.
Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
is situated at the opening of Kirov street in Yalta, resembles old Russian churches of the seventeenth century due to the grouping of its domes and rich decorative attire. The church was built in the late XIX century - early XX century to the design by architect Krasnov who designed Livadia Palace and Shapovalov, the interior trim was done after the sketch by Kroshechkin.

Massandra Winery and Vaults
Massandra Winery
A pride of Russian wine-making history which started by Price Leo Golitsin, who created and turned Massandra Winery Vaults into the biggest wine collection in the world. The unique collection which includes bottles which are more than 150-200 years of age is hidden in the tunnels within Crimean mountains. For the several years wine from Massandra collection successfully sold at Sotheby’s auction. Besides history and process of wine making which you will be definitely aquatinted you have an opportunity to join wine tasting in the halls of Massandra Winery where guests of the Crimea can enjoy the sunny drink of the Southern Coast and purchase the best wine of Crimean wine-makers.
St. Ripsime Armenian Church
St. Ripsime Armenian Church
Armenian church resembles remotely an ancient temple Ripsime VII-XII in Echmiadzin. The building was constructed by architect Ter-Mikelov according to the drafts of the famous artist Surenyants in 1909 - 1914. A graceful staircase framed by cypresses leads from the temple gates to a richly decorated false entrance on the southern facade. Going up the stairs you can see the whole temple at once - compact as if it was carved from a monolith. Amazing skill of a decorator, perfectly polished stone are seen in every square meter of the fronts of the church. The interior does not concede to the exterior of the church - with it's dome painted by Surenyants and it's marble inlaid icon.
Dulber Palace
Dulber differs from other palaces of Crimea by its' oriental style implemented by architect Nikolay Krasnov using sketches of Grand Duke Petr Nikolaevich(a palace owner), who was inspired by his visit to Cairo. During Civil War Dulber became last refuge for Romanovs family prior their immigration from Russia. Battleship Marlboro, sent by British monarch - George V for Romanovs, took them away from Bolsheviks and home.
Palace was badly damaged during WWII, after restoration(1946-1959) became sanatorium.

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