Vladimirsky Cathedral in SevastopolSouthern coast of Crimea

Geography of Crimea

Crimea map The Crimea located in Eastern Europe and washed by Black Sea and Sea of Azov, Crimean Peninsula with 26 100 km2 territory borders with Kherson district(Ukraine) in the north and separated from Krasnodarsky Kray(Russia) by Kerch strait in its east.
The capital of Autonomous Republic of the Crimea is Simferopol.

Major cities: Feodosia, Kerch, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Sudak, Yalta, Yevpatoria. But total - 16 cities.
Nature reserves : Askania-Nova, Cape Aiya, Crimean reserve, Lebyazh`y ostrova(Swan Islands) and Yalta reserve.
Main rivers: Salgir, Indol, Biuk-Karasu, Tchernaya, Belbek, Kacha, Alma.
Highest mountains: Roman-Kosh (1545m), Demir-Kapu (1540m), Zeytin-Kosh (1534m), Kemal-Egerek (1529m), Eklizi-Burun (1527m), Angara-Burun (1453m).


Southern Coast of the Crimea has sub-Mediterranean, mild continental climate with hot dry summer and mild warm humid winter. Average temperature in summer
|July| +23,0° +24,5° and in winter |January| +2,0° +4,0°. Annual precipitation at Southern coast of the Crimea is about 350-650(mm).We have 250-300 SUNNY DAYS per year.
Mountain part divides Southern Coast of the Crimea from Midland has light continental climate with warm and mild humid summer and cool humid winter.
Midland part of the Crimea has mild continental steppe climate with hot dry summer and cool humid winter. Average temperature in summer |July| +22,0° +23,5° and in winter |January| -2,3° - 0,0°. Annual precipitation at Midland of the Crimea is about 340-480(mm).


Population of the Crimea is 2 033 700 people. About one hundred twenty five nationalities live at Crimean Peninsula. Local population mostly consisted of Russians - 58,5%, Ukrainians - 24,4% and Crimean Tartars - 12,1%, also represented Armenians - 0,4%, Jews - 0,2%, Greeks -0,1%, Germans - 0,1% and others.
Language composition: 77% of Crimean population consider Russian as their native language, 11,4% - Crimean-Tartar as their native and 10,1% - Ukrainian.
Official State language in Crimea is Ukrainian.

History in Figures

  • VII B.C. - Crimea within Scythia
  • VI B.C. - V B.C. - Foundation of Greek colonies
  • V B.C. - IV A.D. - Bosporus Kingdom
  • V A.D. - XIII A.D. - Crimea within Byzantine Empire
  • V A.D. - XI A.D. - Cave towns
  • 988 A.D. - Compain of Prince Vladimir and adoption of Christianity at Chersonesus
  • XIII A.D. - XV A.D. - Greek Kingdom Theodoro
  • XIII A.D. - XV A.D. - Genoese at Crimea
  • 1475 - Turks invasion
  • 8 April 1783 - Russian Empress Catherine the Great signed Manifest according which Crimea became part of Russian Empire
  • 1854 - 1856 Crimean War
  • 4 - 11 February 1945 - Yalta (Crimean) Conference of Anti-Nazi Coalition
  • 19 February 1954 - Khrushchev ceded Crimea from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR
  • 20 January 1991 - Referendum for recreation of Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic

Crimean Attractions

Alupka (Vorontsov) Palace, Bakhchisaray (Khan's) Palace, Chersonesus, Livadia Palace, Massandra Winery & Vaults, Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, Panorama museum, Sudak Fortress and many more.

Visa Requirements

Ukraine introduced a visa free regime for citizens of the countries of EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, San Marino, Monaco, Iceland, Vatican, Andorra and Liechtenstein, who may stay in Ukraine (Crimea) without visas up to 90 days.
A passport valid for six months beyond the planned date of travel is required. For citizens of the above mentioned countries who enter Ukraine with the purpose of employment, permanent residency, study and work at the diplomatic missions of the above mentioned countries in Ukraine or with any other purpose if they are going to stay in Ukraine (Crimea) for more than 90 days, visas are still required. No visas are required for citizens of CIS countries (except Turkmenistan).


Airlines International airport "Simferopol" have air connection with CIS (ex Soviet Republics) countries and some foreign countries like Turkey, Israel etc. Starting from spring till middle autumn air connection between Crimea and EU countries is established.
Cruise ships Crimean peninsula is a real pearl of the Black Sea itinerary, that's why number of cruise ships, calling at the Crimean ports ( Sevastopol, Yalta and Kerch now ) is growing from year to year. Over 50.000 people visited Crimea on board ocean and river ships during the cruise season 2005.
Railways like giant web cover Crimea, connecting Peninsula with different Ukrainian (Kiev, Odessa, Lvov etc.), CIS (Minsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg etc.) and some EU (Berlin, Riga, Warsaw) cities.
Coach transportation widely spread across Crimean Peninsula also establishing connection with Ukrainian and some Russian cities.

Local Time

GMT + 2 (GMT + 3 from last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October)


Local currency for Crimea is Ukrainian Hrivnya (UAH)
National Bank of Ukraine exchange rates are :

Mobile Operators of Crimea

  • Beeline (network code - 68) GSM 900
  • Djuice (network code - 96, 97, 98) GSM 900/1800
  • Jeans (network code - 66, 99, 95) GSM 1800
  • Kyivstar (network code - 67, 96, 97, 98) GSM 900/1800
  • Life:) (network code - 63, 93) GSM 1800
  • MTC (network code - 50, 95) GSM 900/1800
  • PEOPLE.net 3G (partially in Crimea)