Yalta tour


If you are looking for destination of your future vacation or being in Ukraine have couple of free days, we suggest to stop your choice on touring the Crimea and Ukraine.
We will be pleased to provide samples of 2-days, 5-days and 7-days tours in the Crimea, Odessa and Kiev that could be a part of your Eastern Europe voyage or independent one, suitable both for individuals and small groups. All tours composed with the aim to acquaint you with local culture, history, traditions and national cuisine.

Sightseeing tours

These tours could be provided in various combinations and could differ by order of sites visit or itinerary composition. You can rely on us or take an active role in itinerary planning for your future tour.

Yalta tour - invites you to place of Yalta conference to enjoy rich history of area and beautiful landscape that was chosen by Tsars and nobility for their summer residences.
Sevastopol tour - visit the city that became true symbol of Russian courage and heroism, military city that became opened for tourists only since 1994.
Bakhchisaray tour - leads you to the capital of Crimean Khanate were you will be acquainted with Tartar culture and to cave towns that were founded centuries ago in Bakhchisaray surroundings.
Odessa tour - enjoy pleasant walk by cosy streets of old Odessa that preserved its charming original look or take a drive to Akkerman fortress
Kiev tour - explore capital of ancient Rus with its numerous monasteries and cathedrals

Thematic tours

Romanovs tour - visit estates and palaces once belonged to imperial Romanov family

Jewish tour - learn more about life of Jews in Tsar's Russia, under Nazi occupation, Soviet period and modern Ukraine. Visit sites hart touching for Jews all over the world.
Babiy YarOdessa Jews museum

Crimean War tours - visit the sites of dramatic events of 1853-1856 see the key battlefields on your own eyes.

Greek heritage - learn about Greeks who settled in northern Black Sea coast from ancient times, get acquainted with city states passed through centuries, also meet people who keep traditions and culture of Greece.

and other tours.